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I want to acknowledge the presence of:

  1. The Commissioner of Insurance here present
  2. All IIZ past presidents here present
  3. IIZ presidium and Board members here present
  4. PR Committee Chairperson Madam Ruth Ncube here present
  5. Industry Association presidents and chairpersons
  6. Captains of industry, fellow delegates and presenters here present.

I humbly accept the IIZ presidency for the 2015/2016 term of office. I will take on from where Dr. Lovemore Gomera left. Let me express my gratitude for the initiatives which were taken by Dr. Gomera during his term of office which were unfortunately cut short as he went out of the country on new business assignments.I want to assure him and the whole industry on my commitment to take the institute to the next level. There are a number of plans for the institute which have been in abeyance for a long time.
The first step which we will take together with the Presidium, the board, and management team is to implement the following plans:

  1. The new structure for the IIZ diploma course
  2. The new associate and fellow membership structure
  3. The accreditation of the institute with the ministry presently being done through NUST and
  4. The LIBRARY project

Ladies and gentleman, I also feel that the present premises from where IIZ operates from are too small for our vision as the board, management and member companies at large.We need bigger premises which will enable us to expand our operations to include future developments leading into a real center for the professional development of the entire industry. By God’s grace, I will do everything possible during my term to move towards the development of that center for insurance professional development.

Madam Commissioner, the Insurance Institute of Zimbabwe survives from the subscriptions and training which mostly comes from member companies. It is our plea madam commissioner for you not to reduce further the member companies by continuously increasing capital requirements in this challenging economic environment.Madam commissioner we are not advocating for non-compliance by member companies but for you to remain to understand to our situation and our challenging economic environment by giving us reasonable time frame and milestones for the mooted new capital increase. Our prayer will be for you not to increase at all for now.

Because further reduction of member companies will affect the institute drastically. However,madam commissioner we want to thank you for the continuous support you have always given to the insurance sector hence our plea to you.
It’s my pledge to continue encouraging all member companies to continue supporting IIZ activities.
We need to continue paying our subscriptions without which the institute can go under. On my part with the able committees, the entire board and management, we are committed to seeing the institute move to the next level by practicing good cooperate governance in every respect. 

We are all aware of the crippling business hardships currently affecting our entire economy. Such should not slow our goal for the skills development of the industry. Our skills are our lifeline. What we have to try to achieve is an even more skilled human resource capital base through IIZ.

In the short term, we will continue to benchmark ourselves and learn from experiences of other countries like South Africa, the UK, and Kenya to mention just but a few.In the long term, we will be the reference point for insurance professional development. Let me finish off by commenting the management team led by the new general manager Mr. George Chikava the outgoing board and various committees for a good job well done. Mr. Chikava and the team have achieved quite a lot of things in a short time after coming into office.Some of the achievements include:

  1. The auditing of the accounts by the new auditors
  2. The hosting of winter school in August 2015
  3. The launch of COP trusteeship
  4. This 2015 annual conference here in Victoria falls nothing was done in late July 2015.

Finally, ladies and gentleman, I thank the industry for the trust in me to be president, for the trust in us as presidium, Mr. Ushe Mungaraza as the 1st vice president and Mrs. Lydia Tanyanyiwa as the second vice president.Together we will deliver.We will do our best and will definitely not let you down. Innovation will be our main thrust. I thank you. Dr. Edward Gomba IIZ president 2015/2016