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Volume 22


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The rise of consumer power-dealing with the new era of communication
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It’s another exciting and well progressing month at IIZ!!! January has come and gone and part of the 365 days for this year has been consumed. We are pleased to announce that readership has been growing and we are proud to announce that we had 1500 subscribers in the month of January. It gives us pleasure to know that we are reaching more readers through our growing monthly newsletter. We would like to thank you all for your continued support.

As 2018 progresses, we are most grateful for the support from the industry and remain optimistic for the continued partnership. If you love IIZ as we do, continue to spread the word and encourage others to register and be part of the world-class provider of insurance professionals to the Financial Services Market in Zimbabwe and beyond.

As IIZ is still growing and developing in all areas, we urge members to continue to look forward to more articles as there is a lot of good news in the offing.
Our feature articles for this month will focus on:-

  1. The rise of consumer power-dealing with the new era of communication
  2. Be careful how you are talking because you are listening!‖


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Editor | Ruvimbo Vambe

“A price comparison website can provide multiple quotes in seconds!!!”

“Today’s top insurers have contact centres that boast enormous data storage and computing power, all in the name of a more personalized customer experience. ”

“Self-talk is one of the most crucial components of our well-being and can become the most devastating conversation we have if we are not careful.”

The rise of consumer power-dealing with the new era of communication

According to Karin Kruger, Operations Director at Innovation Group—Switching insurance providers has never been easier for consumers than it is in the digital age. A price comparison website can provide multiple quotes in seconds. A quick trip over to an insurer’s Facebook Page condenses thousands of word-of-mouth customer experiences into a quick online read, and more and more advanced chatbots are an omnipresent force on practically all insurers’ websites, able to answer customer questions with no human intervention at all.

It’s safe to say that all these developments were not dreamt up by the businesses themselves – they were demanded by increasingly switched-on and digitally minded consumers, and the insurers that are excelling today (not to mention those that will thrive in the future), are those that take those demands seriously. Consumers are always-on. They are digitally savvy, and their service-level expectations are constantly rising. Today’s top insurers are those who have adjusted their business models to match and are making use of every digital tool at their disposal to ensure a competitive edge. Here are some of the ways the insurance industry is catering to the customer of the future.

On top of being one of the most widespread advertising techniques in the industry today, social media is being used for a wide variety of functions by consumer and insurer alike. A simple inbox message or even a post comment can turn a lead into a customer if handled correctly – just as a single mismanaged negative comment from a policyholder can irreparably affect a business’s corporate image. Social media also allows for a better understanding – and therefore more effective targeting – of potential policyholders. The worlds of the consumer and the insurer are becoming more blurred together by the day.

Gone are the trusted old call centers of yesteryear. Today’s top insurers have contact centers that boast enormous data storage and computing power, all in the name of a more personalized customer experience. Modern PABX systems can route a customer’s call to exactly the right person to handle their query with no receptionist intervention necessary.

Agents are able to call up a customer’s client history and risk profile at a moment’s notice and offer tailored premiums based on that data in a heartbeat. The ability to record calls and gather data about their duration and outcomes also allows insurers to better train their customer service agents for a more seamless experience, and extremely detailed reporting capabilities allow for improvements to the whole process on a month-by-month basis.

Digital technologies are helping the development of the insurance sector in the areas of speed, relevance, context, personalization, and empathy. And it can only be to the consumer’s advantage that insurers are adjusting to these in order to close the gap between what customers want and what they are delivering.

“Be careful how you are talking because you are listening!”

There are many things that we could speak about, but one of them is your personal language and how you talk to yourself. This has a larger impact than you might think. Did you know that your subconscious is extremely powerful? You may not realize it, but you are training it every second of every day (whether you like it or not). Your actions, words, and thoughts are teaching it how to make you behave and respond. Virtually every one of your behaviors is an unconscious process. When you talk and when you think, your subconscious will unapologetically agree with you, so be careful what you say to yourself because you are listening.

Our internal voice is NON-stop. All day long we are talking to ourselves, thinking thoughts which subconsciously influence our actions. Sadly, we all have a high tendency to be hardest on ourselves out of anyone in our lives. This commentary we have with ourselves can drastically impact our interactions.

Self-talk is one of the most crucial components of our well-being and can become the most devastating conversation we have if we are not careful. We easily allow doubt to seep into our minds and mix with thoughts of not being good enough.

Tips to improve your self-talk and in turn improve your life:

  • Identify when you’re speaking poorly to yourself
  • If you want to change how you feel, you must change your how you talk to yourself
  • You DO deserve to be happy
  • Change your story!
  • Build tools to move through your emotions

We don’t gain our strength from lifting weights, but rather we gain strength from lifting ourselves back up. Let’s not forget, we don’t do it alone. Understand that much of what we say to ourselves is quite often not true at all.

Knowing that one fact alone can be a real eye-opener and may help you adjust your self-talk in ways that can turn difficult situations into opportunities for learning and growth.


“If you think its hard to meet new people, try picking up the wrong golf ball.” IIZ brings you yet another exciting fundraising golf tournament at the Chapman Golf Club on the 15th of June 2018. It’s another Par-Tee-Time for a round of Golf. Lot’s of exciting prizes to be won. Register today for Exhibition, Sponsorship and Participation. Call us today for more information!!!


This is that time of the year where we celebrate and congratulate the class of the previous year for a job well done. They fought their battles and overcame obstacles. They had a goal, gave it their soul. They worked hard, went the extra yard. They gave it their all, and stood tall. Congratulations class of 2017!!! Graduation will be held for all levels of qualification, from COP, Diploma and Associateship. See you there!!! Call us today for more information!!!


Join us at this year’s Winter School as IIZ partners with the Insurance Industry aiming to avail a platform for training and development of future leaders in the insurance industry. Leaders who will make things happen; who will maintain the image of the Insurance Industry and build it to lofty heights from the foundations the current leaders are laying. The theme of the 2018 Winter School is “Driving Growth—Disrupting the Mind-set Completely.” Call us today for more information!!!


IIZ brings you a high powered delegate of quality speakers at this year Annual Conference to be held in Victoria Falls. Don’t miss out on this annual event which is held to continue the fine tradition as an excellent educational, networking and social conference. Be part of the 200+ delegates expected at this year’s event. Come and be part of an exciting experience, share your expertise and learn from the best! Call us today for more information!!!


We close down the year with this august event where people from all sectors of the industry gather to celebrate the milestones achieved in the year. Come and dine with us as we celebrate a successful and fruitful year. This year we are having an exciting theme…watch the space!!!

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Never underestimate the vital importance of finding early in life the work that for you is play!!!

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